Reserved F/W 2010:Beautiful Story - Anna Maria Jagodzinska 
圖片來源 後製:Ethan
Anna J與Karmen Pedaru,現在在官網還可看到兩人的專訪影片,


MF: Do you know you’re beautiful?
A: Yes and no. Some days I like myself and on others I don’t - just like everyone - but for me, beauty is something that comes from the inside.

MF: In any specific situations?
A: For example when they bleach my eyebrows for a photo shoot, when they turn orange. A nightmare. I appreciate myself, in general.
MF: Do you often hear compliments?
A: It’s perfectly normal in my job. When they say I’m beautiful, this means I do my job well. If a guy says that on a date, that’s something different.
MF: You’re number 7 in the world ranking. Are you happy?
A: Very much, it’s a nice distinction. I’ve been working for this for years. When I started, I used to follow all those rankings and I dreamed I could be in them.
MF: Is number 7 enough? Do you want to be number one?
A: Yes and no. It’s really hard. It requires a lot of effort and sacrifice. And luck. I had a moment when I was completely devoted to this job. Then I let go: for two seasons I changed my flats, I travelled, I took up a few courses at school. I like it when a lot is going on around me. But now I’m going back to hard work.

MF: Isn’t letting go dangerous?
A: A lot depends on my agents whose job is to organise my time so that I could go somewhere for a month without any damage for my career.
MF: Is modeling a difficult job?
A: Each job has its advantages and drawbacks, and often the drawbacks become advantages. The hard thing is it’s impossible to organise your own free time because you often work on weekends. Everything happens from day to day, and this affects personal relationships. On the other hand there are the Mondays, when you lie down and do nothing while everyone else is at work. Working after a long journey is also hard, with time changes and sleepless nights. This often gets on my nerves.
MF: What do you need to have to be a model, apart from long legs?
A: Persistence and personality. When I started as a 15-year-old, I had a problem with all that, I didn’t know much about life. With all the great people around you who give you support, encouragement and share their knowledge about life, you can achieve a lot.

MF: You say that there is more jealousy than kindness in this business. Do you sense this jealousy?
A: I don’t envy anyone. And I don’t feel anyone envies me. If I come across jealousy, I avoid the person. I’m positive and I move on.
MF: You have everything: popularity, beauty, apartments in Warsaw and NYC. Is there anything you don’t have?
A: I want more and more. I don’t have enough time for school I go there on and off (history of art at NYC University). My plans change all the time. I’d like to be able to make use of everything I have today to ensure peace of mind for myself in the future. I’d like to know that I gained much more from this time in my life than just the work on the catwalk.

MF: Do you think about the future?
A: When I’m a mature woman, I’ll be raising a bunch of children, like 5, although 2 maybe enough for a start.

MF: And where is your home
A: In Sierpc ;)




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