Reserved F/W 2010:Beautiful Story - Karmen Pedaru 
圖片來源 後製:Ethan

MF: According to name meaning Karmen is a person who thinks with her heart rather than with her head. She’s bold and tends to put on airs. Is this true?
K: The work of a model calls for boldness, so this is actually true. I don’t put on airs, though. I remain the same person despite my job. I hope that if I change, it’ll be for the better.

MF: What does your boldness consist in?
K: Mainly in the strength I need when I travel, or during a photo shoot. In this job you can’t afford to be tired. It’s really hard work. I fly about three times a week, yesterday I was in NYC, today I’m in Poland, tomorrow I’m flying to Paris. If I don’t keep my energy and enthusiasm, I’ll drop out. There’s no work for tired models.

MF: When was the last time somebody simply said to you that you were beautiful? I mean a true compliment, not related to work.
K: At first, when I started my career as a 15-year-old, I used to hear this all the time. Now when I’m adult and I understand this business, I know they mean something else when they tell me I’m great. Sometimes it’s said by someone who says completely different things behind my back. But when my boyfriend tells me this, it’s another story.

MF: And is it easy to be beautiful?
K: It’s easy to be born this way.

MF: Does being beautiful make life easier?
K: It’s a question of personality. If you’re beautiful inside, then yes. Being beautiful only on the outside, you’re nobody. I sense such people at first glance. There are many people like this in every business.

MF: You said once that it’s not easy to be beautiful, talented and rich in Estonia, where you come from. Is this true?
K: Sometimes I can’t believe how idiotic are the things the Estonian papers write about me. On the one hand I’m a role model for many young girls in my country, and on the other, they write that I’m anorexic and invent unbelievable stories about me. Estonia is a country of beautiful women. I hear that all the time.

MF: As a 15-year-old, just before you started your career, you used to play football...
K: I played as a goalkeeper for 6 years. I was well-built back then. You can still see my muscles here and there. I’m still quite fit, I play basketball and rollerskate.

MF: And what was it like to swap the football pitch for a catwalk?
K: It was terribly hard in the beginning. I didn’t understand what people were saying to me because I didn’t know the language. I was afraid to speak up, I only managed to say „Hello” and „How are you”. I was afraid of embarrassment. I started talking to people only after I moved to NYC.

MF: Was it difficult to leave Estonia, leaving your whole life behind at such a young age?
K: My first trip was to India. I remember crying for 3 days, I missed home so much. Then I got used to it. Today I have a new life in NYC, a home and friends there.

MF: Can you imagine going back to Estonia
K: I still feel Estonian, I’d like to buy a house there, but I’d rather live somewhere hotter, e.g. in Africa. I dream of going to Australia.


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