Tanya Dziahileva 
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po上來,希望未來能常看到Tanya出現在tfs上,Glad to see you back,Tanya!

We  Tanya!!!

hey everyone))
i just pass by to tfs..and ..thank you all to be so nice and ....
i wish you all the best to all of you and thanks to you ////that you love fashion and models...
all the time when you post something in here..i read it.. it is inspire me so much... same as if you go to any job and peaple will say how they fill...
i am thanksfull to all of you..
and will be trying to do my best..
i just wish to all ..the best ... and.. never forget.. i am just like you..just a normal persona..only... who works in fashion and enjoy that..
thank you

love you all
tanya dyagileva...
Tanya Dziaheleva


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